Monday, January 31, 2011

two shanky weeper

distressingly, i learned this weekend that the actual derogatory/deprecating/loving name for estadounidenses in argentina is not, in fact, gringo.  it is yankee. which we are all familiar with. the twist here is that the "y" sound is pronounced with an "sh," rendering the pronounciation of this word as "shankee." e.g., "oh shit, a big bunch of shankees just walked in" or "why do the shankees not release any decent movies in buenos aires, forcing us to watch 'el turista' and 'pequenos fockers' ad nauseum?" etc etc.

this is distressing for two reasons. 1) the word just phonetically symbolizes something unholy and wretched. 2) its obviates the name of our blog! should we change the name to something involving yankee? blargh! two shanky weeper?

suggestions welcomed. for now, the two gringo circus soldiers on.

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