Saturday, January 8, 2011

el primero clase de tango

We went to our first tango class last night where we learned the basic step and I attempted to master el ocho. We were immediately informed that the man must lead, the woman must always wait to be shown what to do by the man. Justin was entirely pleased with this information.  Learning tango will be an exercise in surrender for me.  I always want to lead!  (There are emerging tango schools which abandon the heteronormative traditional roles, esp. given strong gay community here in BsAs, but we are just going with it for now).  The space we went was called La Catedral and was a big lofty warehouse with the dancing in the middle.  It was on the casual side and I felt comfortable in my sneakers, though proper shoes clearly will be necessary. The teachers were very patient with us given it was our first class.  We learned about the abrazo, or the embrace, which is the frame created by the dancers' bodies.  This prompted multiple "spaghetti arms" quotes throughout the evening.  Definitely check out this place, they have multiple classes (20 pesos each for 90 min) and milongas nightly.

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