Monday, January 10, 2011

carrera de caballos y el dia nacional del tango

saturday 9th december we pilgrimaged to san isidro to see la carrera de caballos. it was packed with humans, all of whom were betting intently. we bet on three races and lost them all. we were unfazed, as we both come from strong genetic lineages of horse race aficionados (cf lolo and papa generally; the paper bag and the pendulum). there was a brief and furious downpour that resulted in the sought after "double rainbow," but the masses of people were equally unfazed. the races continued. later in the day we rushed back for the national tango day celebration, which was surprisingly shut down due to inclement weather. inclement weather being temperature below 85 degrees and the memory of raindrops. we hit the narcotango concert instead (similar sounding to the gotan project, but much less homogenous sounding from song to song.) you can hear samples on their website, here:


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  1. I absolutely, freaking, 110%, love this. Caballos. No puedo decir mas. te echo de menos, loerke-san y lostie-san!