Monday, January 10, 2011

bicicleta de viaje a tigre

Continuing to post photos from december-- a group of us took a marvelous bike trip up to Tigre, 17 km or so north of BsAs. Tigre has a lovely riverbank to bike along, which we did at sunset.  We trained to a midpoint, then biked up, then trained back.  Our tour guides, Maria y Julian, are highly recommended by me.  Bikes, helmets, water, and a mid-trip maté were included. As was about 5 hours of biking around beauty.  They just started their own company, definitely check it out if you visit here:


  1. mid-trip mate included huh, sounds racy. gotta work those diacritics cathode!

  2. srins! i wrote you a comment before and it disappeared. regardless, today i learned how to add the diacritics-- i am working it ahora! no more couplings on the bike tours. miss and love.