Sunday, January 16, 2011

trabajamos con voluntario

as yorio mentioned, we have begun volunteering via L.I.F.E. in some of the villas in BsAs.  basically, it's an after-school program (though it being summer, there is no school at present) where ex-pats go and play games, color, hold the jump rope, make balloon animals etc. etc. the kids were very enthusiastic, esp. about caballitos, which meant piggy back ride.  justin was the most popular caballito, which translates literally as "little horse." he ran about 10 miles over the course of the afternoon. the event on 12th jan was a birthday celebration for all the january birthdays of the kids in laferrere, outside of the city.  we had a great time, practiced our spanish ("chicas! una a la vez!"), and everybody ate cake.

our friend loree lipstein took these sweet photos, she has a great eye:
Loree's laferrere photos

thank you Loree for letting us share these.

**Also shared with the permission of L.I.F.E.  Thank you for letting us participate.**

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